The Energy Exchange
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Do you spend $75,000 or more a year on power?  Have a lot of sites that use electricity?   Contract it all for less via the Energy Exchange.

After 20 years as energy consultants for New Zealand’s biggest electricity consumers and retailers, Energy Link is launching New Zealand’s first electricity procurement platform for large electricity consumers – the Energy Exchange.

NZ’s major electricity retailers participate in the Energy Exchange, so you can be confident you’re getting the best possible deal – in fact on average our clients spend 5% - 10% less on electricity annually (compared to doing it themselves).


The cost of processing your contract via our automated reverse auction depends on the number of sites you have, their locations and the volume of power consumed. Simply enter your ICP details (found on your power bill) and we will be able to instantly access your consumption data and provide an accurate no obligations quote for providing this service. What you'll need


Reverse auction and tender options, as sometimes clients have requirements outside of price, for example Government must follow a tender process or you may have multiple accounts under a buying group. In these cases Energy Exchange will need a little more information in order to provide an accurate quote for services, one of our Energy Link Consultants will contact you. What you'll need

Not sure?

Use our quick questionnaire which takes into account your sites, consumption and service requirements to help you decide which service is best for you.